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At Carlton Legal Services, bankruptcy is our only business and we have a centralized focus on helping our clients use this effective debt relief tool for their best interests. We understand that you may be facing mounting pressures from debt collectors and we are here to help you find the financial solutions you need in Waynesboro, VA and the surrounding areas.

There are many different circumstances that can give rise to the need for debt assistance. Our bankruptcy attorney is non judgmental, compassionate, and completely understanding of your financial situation. We are here to offer solutions and to help you find a way out of debt. If you are faced with repossession, foreclosure, or any other aggressive debt collection tactics, we can help you put an end to creditor harassment while ensuring your rights and assets are fully protected.

Eliminate Your Debt Legally

Many credit repair companies claim to be able to fix your credit and erase past due debt. You may even be receiving offers from real estate companies offering to help you refinance to save your home. It is important to understand your rights and options and only an experienced attorney can help you to understand the legal aspects of your financial decisions. Many of these companies have their own agendas and some people end up in more debt than they started with. In addition, bankruptcy is the only legal tool that can halt foreclosure and vehicular repossession. Why place your home or car at risk? Speak with an experienced bankruptcy attorney from Carlton Legal Services and understand your rights and options before you make a choice that could affect your future forever. We will explain your options for filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy to achieve lasting debt relief.

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If you need bankruptcy help in Waynesboro, VA and the surrounding areas, contact us today. Our bankruptcy attorney is experienced and knowledgeable on every facet of bankruptcy law. He can help you get started today to find the solutions you need. We offer free initial consultations. Find out more by calling us at (540) 943-8480 today.