Bankruptcy Lawyer Fees


At Carlton Legal Services PLC, we receive many telephone calls asking us to quote a bankruptcy case legal fee. In response, we request that our potential clients understand that we cannot quote a legal fee for a bankruptcy case before we understand the debt situation faced by the client. Each client is different and unique, including differences in marital status, family size, value of assets, annual income, and average monthly expenses. As an experienced bankruptcy lawyer, our firm’s attorney can provide personal attention and design a bankruptcy case which will address all of the issues of the clients’ unique situation and result in a fresh start free from the burden of debt.

Instead of quoting a fee on the telephone, we invite you into our office for a free half hour conference with our experienced bankruptcy attorney. This conference is free of charge and without any pressure or any obligation to hire our firm. This conference provides you with an opportunity to learn the truth about the power of bankruptcy law and, at the same time, our lawyer is able to preliminarily evaluate your debt situation and provide you with a legal fee estimate by the end of the conference. There is no obligation to hire our firm; however, if you choose to hire us, you may do so for an initial down payment of only $100.00, and we will thereafter provide you with a liberal payment plan for the remaining fee.

If you choose to price shop legal fees, please be careful of the following problems:

1. Many legal firms do not provide a free initial conference.

2. The fee quote on the telephone may not be the fee you will actually pay for the bankruptcy case.

3. Many law firms only practice bankruptcy law part time and, although the attorneys claim many years of experience, they do not have years of bankruptcy law experience. These firms advertise representation for personal injury, real estate, criminal law, or family law, and bankruptcy is never on the top of their list.

4. Many firms who advertise bankruptcy law will only file a chapter 7 bankruptcy case. These lawyers may not know the additional power provided by law for only chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. There are situations where our firm will intentionally recommend a chapter 13 case because the client is provided more debt relief than is available in a chapter 7 bankruptcy case. Therefore, we warmly invite you to a free office conference in Harrisonburg or Staunton. We will have a free cup of coffee or filtered water waiting for you. We have a parking lot, free of charge, at the front door. We are wheelchair accessible, and our offices are on ground level. Both of our offices are within 5 miles of Interstate 81, and we intentionally are not downtown so that our clients do not battle one way streets, metered or parallel parking. At Carlton Legal Services, PLC, we welcome your visit and look forward to assisting you to debt freedom.